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This year (2022), BC.GAME has been eyeing to maintain close relations and open up opportunities for its brand and penetrate the Brazilian market due to its highly positive response and trend support for online casino games and sports betting.

BC.GAME envisions 2023 to have a well-established and strong presence in Brazil and its audience. The said goal can be achieved by exploring the combined efforts of promotion and collaboration that is the foundation of reaching out to the crypto and online casino gaming masses in Brazil’s very festive and hospitable country.

Who Is David Luiz: A Brief Intro

An innovative and great plan of attack for BC.GAME, to capture better the interest of their Brazilian market, is introducing a trusted and known personality that can bridge the gap of what this brand is trying to close and reach.

The perfect personality to contribute to just this is David Luiz. He is a 2-time FA cup holder and a FIFA World Cup Silver Ball winner in 2012. He was an LPFP Primeira Liga Player of the Year from 2009-2010. He is a professional player of football that hails from Diadema, Brazil, and has been a center-back for most of his football career.

The Collaboration Of BC.GAME and A Football Superstar

BC.GAME has introduced David Luiz as their new ambassador and spokesperson specifically for the pleasure of Brazilian folks all around the country and the world. Luiz will be able to capture the attention and hearts of football fans everywhere and those with true Brazilian roots, as they will immediately recognize him.

The team behind BC.GAME believes in the credentials and charisma of Luiz as he helps out in their efforts to make their online casino venture open to all parts of the world, starting with Brazil. David Luiz will engage with audiences and invite interested participants through social media and a live-streaming platform alongside the BC.GAME brand.


Integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into live casinos, sports betting and other casino games makes BC.GAME is known in the industry of online gaming.

BC.GAME is the first casino to support lightning networks and revolutionize the casino industry and blockchain. They have established strong foundations of partnerships with Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Cloud9.

Richie Flynn

Richie Flynn

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