What is the biased Roulette wheel play?

When you consider a biased wheel, you may win one or more numbers. It might be due to the wear and tear of the wheel or any kind of manufacturing defects. Though bias can mostly be seen in the old wheels it can also be exhibited by the new wheels. As it’s pretty hard to manufacture the perfect wheel almost every wheel would be biased to a certain degree. 

Types of Bias:

  • Pocket bias: It’s when the ball would favor singular pockets.
  • Section bias: It’s when the ball would favor a particular sector of the wheel.
  • Dynamic bias: it might be available only for a few spins. It would be very hard to detect such bias manually but the variant software would detect for you. You can predict the evolution of bias and can manage and adjust your bet. 

Causes of Bias:

  • Loose frets: the frets are nothing but the separator of pockets. Once they become loose, they would start absorbing the impact when compared to the other pockets and it would make the ball to rest in any particular pocket.
  • Deadening of the pocket surface: if there are any kind of minor scratches over the surface of pockets it would lead to a difference in friction. It will make the ball to come to rest at a particular place than the others.
  • The difference in pocket sizes: as there are no particular pockets which are of the same size, the ball would come to rest in the larger pockets.
  • Wheel wobble: this is when the rotor is actually a fraction lower than the other side. This will make the ball to rest on the lower side of the wheel. It is easy to figure out.
  • Uneven wheel deceleration: Sometimes you may observe that the wheel would decelerate at a faster rate when you see zero at a point over the wheel. It might be due to the slight wheel shaft distort. 
  • Common ball drop point: Aball drop can be caused due to several reasons but mainly it’s caused due to tilt. It is not always the wheel bias but sometimes drops points can also become a cause to develop the sector bias. If it’s unpredictable to check where the ball fell then it doesn’t matter where the wheel is. 
  • Low quality or the deformed balls: Mostly not all balls are round in perfect shape. If they aren’t perfect then they might develop cracks and track deformation as well. 
Richie Flynn

Richie Flynn

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