Top Reasons Why You Might Want To Be A Casino Dealer

Gambling has been a worldwide phenomenon for decades and shows no signs of stopping. Casinos are fun and exciting places to work. They offer people the opportunity to enjoy themselves while making a living. Casinos offer competitive wages, benefits, and, most importantly- lots of fun!

Online casinos including those that provide safe experiences such as the popular options made available on the platform are the next big thing in gambling, and they’re looking everywhere for dealers to work their live casino feature.

Being a casino dealer can be a beneficial career. Here are the top reasons why you should become a casino dealer.

Working circumstances

Even though smoking is permitted in many casinos, most dealers deem the benefits and working environment first-rate. Cleanliness, adequate lighting, and ventilation come as standard. Some establishments provide eating out of this world, and employee dining rooms may compete with great restaurants. Some staff dining areas are accessible, while others charge $1 or $2 for meals.

Flexible Personal Time Off

In place of vacations, more and more establishments are giving personal time off. Dealers can plan their days off or holidays and receive a few paid hours of time off each week.


Dealers can work any shift because most casinos provide 24-hour gambling. Obtaining time off is typically straightforward, and there is sometimes the option of leaving early to meet an emergency.


Tips determine the majority of a dealer’s compensation. Dealers typically keep their tips, which significantly affects their take-home pay. They will earn more money if they put more effort into welcoming and caring for their visitors. All tips are combined and divided among dealers according to the number of hours worked at a split joint.


Dealing provides engaging personal experiences and stories. You have plenty of time to talk with coworkers during your two-hour breaks!

Moving and Transferring

When necessary, and even across state lines, many casino resorts permit dealers to shift from one company-owned site to another. Casinos also offer a range of positions; even if they stay in the sector, seasoned dealers are qualified for many of them.

Minimum Education Required

The amount of training needed might be as short as two weeks. Some casinos provide in-house training for dealer roles to current staff. Other establishments employ seasoned dealers or individuals who have graduated from a school for dealing. For learning blackjack, dealing schools usually charge $500 and somewhat more for more complicated games like craps and roulette.


Numerous casinos, many of which are a part of quite huge enterprises, provide the best advantages. Second, the only medical benefits are bonuses and 401(k) match schemes. Many casinos also pay students for college courses taken for their jobs. To learn about all the options, inquire at the human resources office.


Pay Dealers can earn up to $100,000 annually. The typical paying position at a small casino is dealing; however, many pay more than $25 per hour.


Being a casino dealer is a fun and exciting job. It can also help you develop your people skills and learn how to handle difficult situations. So if you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding career, then working as a casino dealer might be right up your alley.

Richie Flynn

Richie Flynn

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