Some myths about online casino which one should know

Casino myths are always there since brick and mortar establishments came to existence. During the 1910s when gambling was first banned throughout the United States and later it came back in the late 1940s, we have seen that it was always covered with a blanket of myths for those who were yet to get familiarized with the casino culture.  As these rumours started to grow and casino culture highly influenced the existing societal norms, the media exposure constantly fuelled this fire of inconsistency regarding casinos and other gambling. 

But the risk of getting duped has increased to a great extent once the online casinos came into existence. Since you are far away from the actual casino, they can easily dupe your money. So it is always advised to read a few reviews before you join a particular online casino. For example, if you go to a reputed review website named Nostrabet, you can get more information about Ladbrokes’s casino.

All myths surrounding gambling sound somewhat similar. They either claim that casinos are unfair or about how the probability of winning depends on something other than Random Number Generators. We will go through all these myths about online casinos, poker, and slot games.

1. Countingcards is not legal

This is one of the biggest myths of online casinos. Despite the continuous media propaganda card counting is not itself illegal. Though Casinos itself is not particularly keen to follow this method of mathematical gambling it is not a punishable offense. Gamers are technically allowed to count the deck and keep the track of cards for their advantage if it does not interfere with the gameplay. But using the own deck, for example, is very much illegal.Card counting is also very difficult in case of playing online blackjack as it is down to a random number generator. Casinos will be counting on the players recycling the amount of their winnings at the craps table or even in slot machines repeatedly so that the establishment wins both ways.

2. Most of the Casino Games are rigged

Most losing players claim casinos are rigged. But this is not the truth. Casino games are mostly very fair if you play in a licensed establishment. There are gambling commissions all around the world to protect players from exploitations by regulating all forms of casino betting and gambling websites. Certain casino games indeed use subtle methods to get an advantage over their players. However, the majority of it depends upon chance and probability.

So, in reality, an individual’s success with casino games is depending on the skill of the player and a portion of luck rather than the so-called anomaly of the casino establishment.

3. Poker – only a Game of Luck

A major misunderstanding about poker is that it is only a game of luck rather than the skill of the player. This, however, is another ridiculous myth flying around. Poker became extremely popular during the 1970s due to its extraordinary gameplay and potential. However, players with a very amateur understanding of this game soon realized winning was not as easy as getting lucky. In the long term, players must have a clear understanding of the game and a significant level of individual skill to increase the chances of winnings. 

4. Slot machines that haven’t paid out for sometime are due to payout soon

There are always several myths associated with slot machines. For example, if a slot machine has not paid out for a while, now it will payout soon, while the reality is, the chance of winning for each spin will always be the same. The slot machines always pay out eventually, but there is no method for predicting when that will happen due to their random nature.

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