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The past year has been extremely successful for online casinos as changing daily habits have led many to trying a variety of different online gaming platforms with casinos being amongst the most popular, and with a huge diversity of games on offer many have been able to attract players from many different demographics. But with so many new players, which are the favourite games to play at online casinos through sites like these that have managed to grow despite initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing participation options? It may not be surprising that the classics still remain so even in a digital platform.

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A variety of slots – Whilst the notion of slots has changed a lot over recent years with the traditional three-line variety no longer being the most represented, they do still remain amongst the most played options. But there’s also a lot of other choice through online slots too, with more line availability, video slots, and other alternatives. The fast-paced nature without much time investment is why these options remain a favourite as players can jump into the game, play a few rolls, and jump back out without the risk of losing out – and then once they’re ready they can jump back in and start off from where they were before – often on the same spin too, as unlike more traditional options your play will wait until you’re ready to come back to it.

Classic Roulette – In a very similar nature to slots, roulette is still a favourite option because of the ability to play quickly without any risk of losing out if you have to jump out of the game quickly. Offering all of the familiarity of the traditional offline platforms but moved online, roulette is one of the games that has seen little change but still remains extremely popular for that very reason and will continue to be one of the top online casino games moving forward.

Tabletop card games – The classics are called so for a reason, and games like Blackjack and Poker remain the most played card games, but some are done so with a twist. One of more popular shifts have been for features such as live dealers that help add a little more interaction to the games rather than cards just appearing in front of you – this way you can get the feeling that you’re actually playing a little more than usual. These games do require a little more time as you wouldn’t like to leave in the middle of a hand or a play, but with so many different varieties of card games available and the ease of play for most these will remain popular in the longer term regardless.

With 2021 off to a similar start to 2020 as risks of lockdowns come in again, online casinos are poised to continue seeing the huge growth they have, and perhaps allow the opportunity for newer games to emerge and rise through the ranks of popularity to knock off one of the games at the top spot!

Richie Flynn

Richie Flynn

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