Do You Play Poker With Dice?

Poker is a classic card game that requires skill, strategy, and luck in equal measure. Dice poker provides an alternative game night option that offers fun relaxation.

This game uses five poker dice and a special cup for play. Each player may roll the dice up to three times and choose whether they will keep or reroll any.


Poker dice games offer an exciting alternative to traditional card poker without using cards. While the rules remain similar, the element of luck takes over here: in poker dice a player must roll a higher combination to win; thus initiating each round by throwing their chip into the pot if they roll a lower combination they are out and they start all over again!

This game utilizes five poker dice (not traditional dice) with symbols instead of numbers on them; these symbols include an ace, king, queen, jack and ten. A player may reveal or keep hidden their dice in a cup for use during gameplay; players are permitted to reroll up to three times before being examined to determine who has the highest hand at playback – there may be some skill involved here but ultimately luck prevails in most instances!


Poker has long been a beloved card game, captivating millions of people worldwide. While traditional playing cards may be used, dice can also be used as part of this timeless pastime – making for an engaging and challenging variation that allows bluffing to reach new levels!

Players roll five dice and attempt to make the highest possible poker hand from these combinations; the one with the highest hand is declared the winner. Some variants do not consider straight as part of a poker hand; suits do not factor into this competition either.

Dice poker can be an excellent alternative to slots, roulette and keno for those seeking a luck-based game with solid winning percentages. But video poker provides the highest return-to-player percentages – its RTP can reach 98% which outstrips dice poker’s odds significantly.

Betting intervals

Poker dice resemble traditional dice but feature images of cards instead of numbers as their pips. Typically sold in sets of five dice, they can be rolled three times per turn by players to increase their odds of victory and keep any combination they want! Rerolling remaining dice between rounds increases chances of success even further.

Although poker dice may initially seem unfamiliar, the game is easy and enjoyable to play. Following similar rules to card games but without suits being important (meaning you cannot win hands based on them!), poker dice offers hours of entertainment.

Betting intervals in this game vary, with higher-value dice earning larger payouts than those with lower values. This form of betting provides players with a more strategic experience while simultaneously increasing their chances of winning a hand.


Poker dice add an exciting element of chance to any poker game. They resemble regular dice but instead feature images of playing cards instead of the numbers one through six on them, enabling players to bid for the highest poker hand during a round and ultimately claim their share of the pot of chips.

Players have three chances to create their poker dice combination and can either keep any or reroll them as desired; once satisfied with the dice combination they may check or raise the pot amount accordingly.

One player may challenge another’s dice roll by calling it out with “liar” or “challenger.” If the other person thinks you are lying, they will put their poker chip in the center of the table and show their dice – otherwise play will continue with a new dice roll.

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